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Special Meeting Notice and Agenda

Cowlitz County Mosquito Control District

Meeting Date:  Tuesday, February 9, 2021

6:00 p.m.— Join Zoom Virtual Meeting

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Meeting ID:  861 7456 3211

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Discussion regarding Trevor Schneider’s resignation, a discussion of what transpired, and steps to immediately be taken to perform necessary District functions  – – Colleen Neel and Pat Brock


Discussion regarding possible immediate selection and appointment of an Interim Program Manager; specifically, consideration of a process for the appointment of
Andrew Van Oosten — Colleen Neel and Pat Brock


I move that a group composed of our Attorney, Board President and up to two other available Board Members interview Andrew Van Oosten at its earliest convenience and that if such group is in agreement that Mr. Van Oosten is suitable to serve as the District’s Interim Program Manager, our attorney prepare and present a suitable contract for execution between the parties and that the Board President be authorized to execute a contract without further Board action subject to the following:  That the contract term be no more than four (4) months as an independent contractor (not an employee), or until a permanent Program Manager begins work, whichever comes first.  Compensation and hours of work to be offered be determined by said group not to exceed ______ weekly hours at a rate not to exceed _____________ per hour and such other terms as the group deems appropriate.


Report by Colleen Neel regarding Trevor Schneider’s proposal to return to District employment if Board agrees to certain terms and conditions he would require.


  •  EXECUTIVE SESSION  – Discussion of Board’s consideration of Trevor Schneider’s proposal

POSSIBLE ACTION ITEM FOLLOWING EXECUTIVE SESSION:  Board authorizes Neel or Brock to respond to Trevor Schneider in accordance with Board’s Executive Session discussion.

  • EXECUTIVE SESSION – Potential Litigation Matter

Discussion of Trevor Schneider’s representations to terminated employee Douglas Morgan regarding re-employment with the District

ACTION ITEM – Board directs Pat Brock to inform Douglas Morgan of District’s position regarding his request.


Discuss consideration of  moving to appointment of a full-time Program Manager.

  • Minimum qualifications for appointment as Program Manager
  • Salary range and benefits
  • Recruitment process, advertising, etc.
  • Timetable for starting


Compensation to our Attorney under Section 3C “Additional Services” of his Retainer and Legal Services Agreement.

Ordinarily such work simply gets billed and paid.  However, in circumstances where a significant block of time is anticipated, it’s appropriate that the Board acknowledge this and authorize the work.  Past examples include his involvement in the selection and hiring of past Program Managers and the complicated work that was done to formulate and put in place a levy assessment method as required by the State Attorney General and State Auditor.

In this instance, this work began when we were notified just one week before a hearing before a state administrative judge of Doug Morgan’s appeal and then everything that has transpired thereafter involving Trevor’s resignation, our need for an interim Program Manager selection and appointment of a permanent Program Manager.

Action Taken:  Motion to authorize Attorney’s involvement in the matters above identified.  Ratifying and confirming work performed on these matters beginning with Notice of Hearing before Administrative Judge of Doug Morgan Appeal

Authorization to pay attorney Wes Johnson $2,000 for his work as Special Counsel in this matter as previously authorized by the Board.