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Cowlitz Co. Mosquito Control Board Meeting Agenda for Tuesday, April 27, 2021

6:00 P.M.:  Virtual Meeting to be held on Zoom

Meeting ID:  836 9814 1331

Passcode:  580669

Dial by location:  1-253-215-8782

Meeting ID:  836 9814 1331

Passcode: 580669

  1. Call to order — President Neel
  2. Roll call — C. Brock
  3. Changes & Additions to Agenda, if any.
  4. Approval of minutes of February 22, 2021 Special Meeting.– President Neel
  5. Voucher Approvals — President Neel
    October 3, 2020 – December 2020 — (Input from J. Moksness re review of
    January 1, 2021 – April 17, 2021         associated invoices)
  6. Final Expenditures and Budget review for 2020
    including cash carryover authorized expenditures — C. Brock

  7. Benefits Package Resolutions (to be voted on individually) — P. Brock
    A.  Resolution 2021-01—Resolution to Participate in the Washington State Insurance Plans.
    Two attestations:  Agency/Instrumentality Eligibility Attestation
    ERISA Eligibility Attestation

    B.  Resolution 2021-02—Resolution Authorizing District’s Board President to sign Exhibit A authorizing the District’s participation in the Washington State Deferred Compensation Program

C.  Resolution 2021-03—Resolution Related to Have Absolute Coverage Related to Social Security Benefits.

  • Resolution 2021-04.  Resolution related to Personnel Matters and Amending Resolution 2020-08 by Amending Page 1 of Policies and Procedures Handbook  “Hours Worked Each Month” — P. Brock
  • Motion to Remove Trevor Schneider as a Red Canoe credit card holder and Add Michael McKeague-Foster to be issued a credit card at
    Red Canoe Credit Union — C. Brock
  • Michael McKeague-Foster Reports
          a. Update on FAA exemption for Drone use
          b. Input regarding current and future staffing for District
    Progress in his understanding of District operation and current mosquito control
  • Presentation of Award to Outgoing President Jeane Moksness — C. Brock
  • Costs for Financial and Legal Services – C. Neel
  • Other
  • Adjourn